For years you have been told that intelligence or your IQ is fixed and that it can’t be changed. That is simply not true. Intelligence is highly amenable to improvement. The Structure of Intellect Model of Human Intelligence provides a guide for both understanding intelligence and for developing it.

Parents need answers and solutions in meeting the needs of their children when it comes to learning and intellectual development.

Intelligence, in spite of what has been said about it for ages is not simply a result of genetics. By far the most critical component of intelligence is stimulus and experience during all periods of development. Therefore, in order to help a child we need to know specifically where the help is needed.

Too often approach to helping children who are experiencing difficulty with learning has been to quantify them with an IQ number first. That approach doesn’t actually tell us anything helpful about what we need to do to facilitate learning in children.

Our approach is to first learn what abilities are strong in children and what abilities are weak. The we design a program to address the specific needs of each child to help them develop the abilities needed to read,  do math or learn other academic content.

For parents who live in the Phoenix metro area, we provide individual testing at our offices in Surprise, AZ. We test individuals from age five to adult.

Our assessment includes the actual testing, complete report of results with recommendations and a minimum one hour report to discuss the results.


We conduct a comprehensive test battery that provides us with specific information to help understand student strengths, weakness or average abilities. From the intellectual profile that our test provides, we are able to assess the needs of a student and develop a comprehensive eductional therapy plan designed to further develp and enhance the 40 general and specific learning abilities initially evaluated. S-pecific abilities are understood individually but als are grouped into 7 composite scores.

These groups directly underlie academic skills such as beginning and advanced reading, arithmetic and math, writing and others. Structure of Intellect learning abilities are even more basic to academic skills or the 3 R’s, because they fundamentally underlie learning capacity.


Intelligence is not a set condition individuals. It is also far more that an IQ score. Intelligence is make up of a board range of general and specific abilities. These learning abilities can be improved considerably in students through enhanced intelligence training. The Structure of Intellect model provides us with insight into why a student is having difficulty with academic performance.

Based on the information obtained fro our SI testing we develop a cognitive educational plan. This plan addresses the broad general intellectual abilities, how students comprehend specific content, the levels of complexity which they understand and, finally, key specific individual ablililtes related to academic achievement that need improvement.

Included in this therapy is our program of neurological integration of sensory stimuli which is the foundation for efficient organization and functioning of each person’s intellectual abilities. This essential integral function underlies student’s intellectual development and academic achievement. For many students it is important to bring about sensory and perceptual motor integration in order to provide a solid foundation for intellectual development.


Our Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) is designed specifically for students performing well academically. This individualized program will further develop and accelerated intellectual abilities. The ALP provides an extension program for students who have competed the therapy and are ready for enrichment. In addition students who test strongly and are already performing well academically can benefit from an individualized accelerated learning plan.


This unique program of sports performance improvement focuses primarily on body-mind development. Heightened physical skills like balance, reaction time and many others are joined to intellectual abilities needed for optimal sports performance.