All children can learn given the opportunity.

With decades of experience helping students of all ages, we understand how students learn and how to help them when learning is difficult. There is no need for any child to struggle in school. We can help, first, by identifying weak areas that cause the problems and, second, by developing a program for remediating and overcoming those weaknesses.

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What Makes Our Approach Different?

Our Aassessment and intervention procedures are based on a model of human intelligence Called the Structure of Intellect. Human intelligence is not fixed or immutable. When we target thinking abilities for development, the result is increased intelligence.

The model allows us to identify not only the areas that need improvement but where children’s strengths lie so we can support areas where they are strong, too.


Is Your Child Struggling with Success in School?


We begin with a full assessment of abilities needed for school success.

We find out why a child isn’t succeeding in school. We identify the specific issues that are the cause of the problems.

Success in school requires some very specific abilities to be in place in order for academic success to take place. Because we work with a model of intelligence, we are able to pin point abilities that are weak and causing the learning issues. The assessment gives us a picture of a child’s overall strengths and weakness.

We look at their abilities in a set of global, general abilities that underly the model. Then we look at individual the specific abilities that are related directly to individual curriculum areas, like reading and arithmetic/math.

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Is Reading Stressful or Difficult?


We identify weak abilities related to reading and focus on developing them.

Reading requires the development of 11 specific abilities. Six of these abilities are needed to learn how to read. Weaknesses in any of these abilities will lead to problems with the fundamentals of reading generally. When these abilities are not well developed, students will experience stress, fatigue and frustration when it comes to reading.

The other five reading abilities are advanced abilities. Students use these abilities to learn from reading. Beginning around the fourth grade, students are expected to be able to read and fully comprehend what they are reading.

This period of time is when students start getting reading assignments not only in literature, but also in history, science and other subjects. Problems at this time will start showing up in lower grades, unfinished reading assignments and behavior. Most importantly it will start to impact a students self esteem and confidence.

Problems in reading at this point are not going to improve. It is going require intervention and remediation to overcome them. the earlier they are identified the better it is forthe student. Our assessment procedure will identify any weakness in these abilities and our intervention strategies will help to overcome them so they are not a problem in the future.

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Is Math Causing Frustration or Anxiety?


We find the weak abilities related to arithmetic and math and make sure they are well developed.

Arithmetic and math require 10 specific abilities for students to be successful. Six abilities are required for arithmetic and four abilities for math. When student have weaknesses in any of these abilities they are going to have problems with arithmetic or math. 

Numbers are a specific symbolic language that students begin to learn in early childhood. They have to learn more than simply remembering them and their order.

They also have to learn that each number represents a specific quantity and governed by very specific rules for manipulating and combining them. Higher mathematic symbols are used to express highly complex and abstract ideas and concepts including coding for computers.

The first six abilities are essential for understanding basic number concepts and understanding and manipulating numeric symbols. These abilities are used for fundamental skills in adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers. 

The next four abilities are required for basic mathematics related to algebra, geometry, calculus and other higher mathematics areas. These abilities are necessary for skills related to understand logic, spatial relationships and how things change and move in space. 

We identify weaknesses in any of these 10 abilities and provide methods for enhancing and improve them. As students improve in these abilities they gain more confidence in themselves and their abilities with arithmetic and math.

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Is Completing Homework a Problem?


We begin by identifying weak application and problem solving abilities.

Our testing identifies students’ weaknesses in problem solving abilities. These students have difficulty applying themselves in complete homework or other school related tasks. They may have difficulty with such things as written assignments, arithmetic and math problems and other projects and assignment requiring them to apply information that they have previously learned.

These students are able to get information in and can answer questions about the information. However, they have difficulty applying the information they have learned to complete assignments and solve problems. 

Weaknesses here have their roots in early childhood. They are related to a time referred to as practice and repetition when students will work on an activity over and over until they have finished learning whatever they can from it. 

Problems in problem solving area often don’t show up until they are already in trouble in school. It is important to identify any problems in this area early to improve these ability before they show up in the classroom in performance and behavior.

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Are You Concerned Your Child Is Giving Up?


Don’t wait any longer; get help for your child now.

Students do not need to struggle in school. There is no need to “fail” in school when the abilities that are causing them problems can be identified and improved so they do not have to suffer from difficulties in school. The implications that result from students difficulties can have a lifetime effect and diminish their self concept and confidence.

We have solutions for students who are having problems in school. Our therapy is not about tutoring but it is about “fixing” the underlying weak abilities that are causing students problems in developing the skills in reading, arithmetic, math and application that are calling them to fail in school now.

Intelligence is not a fixed thing in any person. It can be developed to gifted levels with enough work. With the knowledge we have gained through our work, we know there is no reason why every student can’t succeed in school.

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